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The Home Renovation Financing Experts.

100% Improvement financing, EZ credit check, no income verification, and deferred payment options up to 18 months. Find out how much you are Pre-Approved for.


US Green Builders offers their unique Green Loan Product to help all homeowners finance up to 100% of their energy efficient home renovations.


Our Green Loan Product requires ZERO upfront costs! Payments can be spread out over terms from 5 to 30 years and may be tax deductible! Massive cash rebates can be used towards paying off high interest credit card balances and more!


U. S. Green Builders provides you with 100% financing that makes it fast and very affordable to upgrade your property today. We are approved with all 11 major banks that provide green product loans.

 There are no upfront payments, so you get to hold onto all of your cash.

The cost of the project can be spread out over terms from 5 to 30 years so you get to pick whatever payment fits your budget the best!

 Eligibility can be based either on the equity you have in your property or your credit, not both. It’s kind of as if your house is borrowing the money, so we don’t need to verify income or look at financial statements.

 Best of all you may not have to make any payments for up to 18 months. So you may be putting money in your pocket every month from the energy savings now, while watching your beautiful home increase in value and get all the CASH rebates in your hands NOW!


Fill out the quick quote form and get approved in just minutes, and join the tens of thousands of property owners who have saved their hard earned cash, reduce their energy bills, and increase the value of their homes apply today!


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Not only does USGBI help finance homeowners’ renovations, we also bring our extensive, top notch knowledge of contracting to the table. Find out more below about the services we offer and the premium brands we carry!
Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors

The Dual Paned Window & Door Systems from U.S. Green Builders provides homeowners a lifetime of significant savings on their energy bills. Find out how USGBI can help finance your whole project.
Cool Roof Systems

Cool Roof Systems

Proper ventilation and efficient shingles can reduce your attic heat, increasing the life of your roof and reducing your home cooling costs. USGBI can help finance your whole project.
Heat Reflective Coatings

Heat Reflective Coatings

COOL LIFE Coatings can reduce home cooling costs up to 30%. COOL LIFE is offered in a variety of colors. Let USGBI show you how we can finance your whole project.


We develop hardscapes with specific environmental benefits. Our line of permeable pavers reduces water runoff, allowing the water to gradually filter back. Click here to learn how you can save.
Drought Resistant Turf

Drought Resistant Turf

Having Drought Resistant Turf can help you save water during this time of drought in California and save on your water bill. Find out how USGBI can help finance your whole project with no upfront costs!
Patio Covers

Patio Covers

Patio Covers in combo with energy efficient windows can increase your home’s overall energy efficiency. Find out how USGBI can help finance your project. Click here for more info.
Solar Energy

Solar Energy

USGBI offers all the premiere solar panel brands. Using solar energy to power your home can help you eliminate your energy bills. We can help match your payment to how much you will save on your energy.
Solar Powered Pool Pumps

Solar Powered Pool Pumps

Attention all pool owners: Your pool pump is the most expensive appliance you have on the grid. Let USGBI save you money on your energy bill every month by installing our unique solar powered pool pump.
HVAC in Backyard

HVAC in Backyard

Having an energy efficient Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system is essential to maintaining an energy efficient house. Our HVAC products are top of the line and keep your house at comfortable temperatures.
Blown-In Insulation

Blown-In Insulation

Green fiber insulation and air sealing products will help you save money on your bills. The EPA estimates homeowners can typically save up to 30% off heating and cooling costs. Click for more information.

Breakdown on Solar

Premium Brands


Testimonial Wonda Smith

From Carson, CA. Weather Proof & Energy Efficient Windows, Solar Energy Panels and a brand new Air Conditioning and Heating Unit

Testimonial The Robles Family

Rialto, CA. A new roof and air conditioning was installed with fast and easy financing with poor credit.

Testimonial Lanfried Home

Testimonial Price Home

Testimonial Irvine Home

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US Green Builders offers their unique Green Loan Product to help all homeowners finance up to 100% of their energy efficient home renovations.

Our Green Loan Product requires ZERO upfront costs, has deferred payment options up to 18 months, and payments may be tax deductible.

Get Approved with EZ Credit Check!


Get Approved with No Income Verification!


Get Approved with No Employment Verification!


Get Approved with No Financial Statements!

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